Best Gas Boilers

The best gas boilers for apartments and private houses: powerful, economical and most importantly – safe.

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Which gas boiler is better to buy

The power of heating equipment is the first thing to determine before buying. It is calculated through the heating area, taking into account the climatic zone. At first, with a standard ceiling height of up to 3 m, you can do with simple calculations: multiply the area of housing by the coefficient for your region, and divide the total by 10. As a result, you will get an approximate boiler power in kW.

According to the calculation, for a house with an area of ​​100 squares in the middle lane, a boiler of 10-12 kW is required. When buying a double-circuit unit, the total capacity will increase by 20%.
The method of installing the boiler affects not only the organization of the space, but also the safety of using gas equipment. The wall mount will save space, but the compactness of the model will entail a number of technical limitations. The burner, exchanger, pump and control electronics will be too close to each other, which will create intense temperature conditions and complicate maintenance.

Compact wall models have power limitations – they are more suitable for an apartment than for a private house. Floor-standing boilers, as a rule, are installed in separate rooms, therefore their overall dimensions, as well as thermal power, are not limited by anything except common sense.

The types of gas burners do not depend on the type of boiler chosen, but they determine the principle of its operation and performance:

  • Atmospheric burners are inexpensive and virtually silent. But they burn out the air in the room and have low efficiency.
  • The superchargers are equipped with an external air blower. Boilers with such burners are efficient and do not require installation in a separate room.
  • Modulating burners with variable output can be equipped with a second heating stage or electronic heat transfer control. Their efficiency and economy increase at the same time as the price of the boiler.

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How to choose a gas boiler

The best manufacturers of gas boilers – which company to choose
The installation of an efficient heating system begins with the purchase of a boiler. But first you need to choose the right one, and in order to do this, you need to take into account many nuances. One of them is that it is better to acquire the unit from one of the reputable companies that have positively proven themselves in the market.

These firms include the following:

These manufacturers are among the best – they have a wide range of models in demand among users.

The Principle of Operation and the Device of Gas Boilers

A gas boiler is a wall-mounted or floor-mounted unit, predominantly rectangular-parallelepipedal, which generates energy when burning fuel and thereby ensures the functioning of heating and hot water supply systems.

In general, the boiler consists of the following elements:

  • Case;
  • Burner;
  • Heat exchanger;
  • Circulation pump;
  • Outlet for combustion products;
  • Control and management unit.

Depending on the design, the boiler operates in one of several modes – according to a simplified scheme: gas is supplied to the burner, which is switched on from a piezoelectric element or electricity; the fuel ignites and heats the coolant through a heat exchanger; the latter is forcedly circulated in the heating system by means of a pump.

During operation, safety systems play an important role, which prevent overheating, freezing, gas leakage, pump blocking and other troubles.

There are individual characteristics in the operation of the units. In the variant with a 2-circuit model, hot water supply is additionally arranged. In the case of an open firebox, combustion products are removed through the chimney, with a closed chamber through a coaxial pipe. Steam energy is also used in condensation models.

Types of Gas Boilers

With an open combustion chamber

Boilers with an open combustion chamber to maintain a fire use air that comes directly from the room with the equipment located there. The diversion is carried out using natural draft through the chimney.

Since a device of this type burns a lot of oxygen, it is installed in a non-living specially adapted room with 3-fold air exchange.

These devices are absolutely unsuitable for apartments in multi-storey buildings, since ventilation wells cannot be used as chimneys.

  • simplicity of design and, as a result, low cost of repair;
  • lack of noise during operation;
  • a wide range of;
  • relatively low cost.
  • the need for a separate room and chimney;
  • unsuitability for apartments.

With a closed combustion chamber

For units with a closed firebox, there is no need for a specially equipped room, since their chamber is sealed and does not come into direct contact with the internal air space.

Instead of a classic chimney, a horizontal coaxial chimney is used, which is a pipe in a pipe – one end of this product is attached from above to the device, the other goes through the wall to the street. Such a chimney works simply: air is supplied through the outer cavity of a two-pipe product, exhaust gas is removed through the inner hole using an electric fan.

This device can be installed both in apartments and houses, and in any room convenient for use.

  • no need for a special room;
  • operational safety;
  • relatively high environmental friendliness;
  • easy installation;
  • ease of use.
  • dependence on electricity;
  • high noise level;
  • High price.


A single-circuit boiler is a classic heating device with a local purpose: preparation of a coolant for a heating system.

Its main feature is that in the design, among the many elements, only 2 tubes are provided: one for the inlet of cold liquid, the other for the outlet of the already heated one. The composition also includes 1 heat exchanger, which is natural, a burner and a pump that pumps the coolant – in the case of natural circulation, the latter may be absent.

When installing hot water, an indirect heating boiler is connected to the CO system – taking into account the possibility of such a prospect, manufacturers manufacture boilers compatible with this storage device.

  • relatively low fuel consumption;
  • simplicity in design, maintenance and repair;
  • the possibility of creating hot water supply using an indirect heating boiler;
  • acceptable price.
  • only used for heating;
  • for a set with a separate boiler, a special room is desirable.


Double-circuit units are more complicated – one ring is intended for heating, the other for hot water supply. The design can have 2 separate heat exchangers (1 for each system) or 1 joint bithermal. The latter consists of a metal case, an outer tube for CO and an inner one for DHW.

In standard mode, water is heated up and supplied to the radiators – when the mixer is turned on, for example, a sink, the flow sensor is triggered, as a result of which the circulation pump is turned off, the heating system stops working, and the hot water supply circuit begins to function. After closing the tap, the previous mode is resumed.

  • providing hot water to several systems at once;
  • small dimensions;
  • easy installation;
  • affordable cost;
  • the possibility of local shutdown of heating for the spring-autumn season;
  • a large selection, including design;
  • ease of use.
  • DHW flow circuit;
  • accumulation of salt deposits in hard water.

Gas Boiler Selection Parameters


To calculate the power, you can proceed from the rule: 1 kW of thermal energy heats a residential area of ​​up to 10 m2 – with more accurate calculations, the following are taken into account: the height of the ceilings, the number of external walls, the size of the windows, the conjugation with the attic (basement), the area of ​​residence, the wind rose and others factors.

If the device (single-circuit) is also needed for hot water supply (+ indirect heating boiler), the consumption mode is additionally taken into account, as well as the number of collapsible points and residents – this is approximately + 30%.

Since the equipment will not work for a long time at maximum capacities, another 20% is added to the obtained value. Taking into account all the nuances, it is quite realistic that a 20 kW boiler will be needed for a house with an area of ​​120 m2.


Based on the design, devices are:

  • With an open combustion chamber, atmospheric burner, internal air intake, exhaust gas removal through a vertical chimney;
  • With a closed firebox, a turbocharged burner, air supply and exhaust of combustion products through a coaxial horizontal chimney.

Number of systems served

Based on the number of serviced systems, the devices are divided into 1- and 2-circuit.

  • With the help of single-circuit ones, heating is arranged, while you can additionally install an indirect heating boiler and receive hot water immediately after opening the tap.
  • Double-circuit units are more suitable for apartments – they are compact and easy to install, for example, in the kitchen.

Mounting type

By the type of installation, boilers are distinguished by wall and floor boilers.

  • The first ones have a low power and a steel heat exchanger, in addition, they are compact and lightweight, therefore they fit perfectly into the kitchen set of apartments.
  • The latter are more suitable for private houses with a rather big square. In such dwellings, as a rule, powerful and heavy units with a cast-iron heat exchanger are installed.

Availability of automation

Automation plays an important role in the operation of devices, which controls the operation of all key units. Temperature sensors are installed on the CO and DHWS circuits – with their help, the optimal operating mode is maintained, water and electricity are economically consumed.

Protection system

The protection system is at a high level – it reacts to a power outage, extinguishes the flame and shuts off the gas supply if necessary. In addition, in the event of a breakdown, information about the error is displayed.

Which Gas Boiler to Choose

Domestic gas boilers are most often used in private houses and apartments, although the latter usually have centralized heating – perhaps not the most efficient. Installation takes place in cottages, summer cottages, baths and similar objects.

  • For apartments, a boiler of the following type is suitable: 2 circuits, closed combustion chamber, coaxial chimney, convection type of heating, electronic control, wall mounting, power ranging from 10 to 30 kW
  • The following type of boilers is suitable for the house: 1 circuit + indirect heating boiler, open firebox, vertical chimney, specially equipped room, condensing heating, electronic control, floor-standing installation, power from 20 to 50 kW.

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Best Wall Mounted Gas Boilers

This section presents single-circuit space heating systems that are placed on the wall. They are compact and easy to maintain, although they have some limitations in functionality.

#1 Viessmann Vitopend 100-W A1HB003

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The A1HB line includes three boilers with a capacity of 24, 30 and 34 kW. This is enough to heat housing up to 250 m2. All cases are equally compact: 725x400x340 mm – such units will find a place in any room.

Viessmann boilers are assembled on a single modular platform, which simplifies their installation and maintenance. In addition, there is no need to leave additional space near the case, so any Vitopend can be combined with kitchen furniture if there is a free corner for it.

  • Low gas consumption – no more than 3.5 m3 / h in the older model;
  • The valve body is equipped with quick-release connectors;
  • Automatic power adjustment depending on the outside temperature;
  • Efficiency up to 93%;
  • New coaxial chimney system with frost protection;
  • Intelligent control with self-diagnosis function;
  • Possibility of switching to liquefied gas.
  • There is no remote control panel.

Viessmann provides an opportunity to choose a boiler for an apartment of any size. The appearance and dimensions for the entire line are absolutely the same – the models differ only in performance and, accordingly, in gas consumption.

#2 Baxi Eco Four 1.24 F

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Despite the prestige of the brand, the Eco Four is relatively inexpensive. The boiler has a flat body measuring 730x400x299 mm, which allows it to be hung on the same level as kitchen cabinets. When used in northern latitudes, such a unit can heat an apartment up to 150 m².

The fourth generation boilers have been developed taking into account our operating conditions. That is why the presented model works even at a gas inlet pressure reduced to 5 mbar. In addition, it has two separate thermostats: for heating radiators and a “warm floor” system.

  • Built-in water flow meter;
  • Pump with air outlet and post-circulation mode;
  • It is possible to connect to solar collectors;
  • Dual-mode thermal control;
  • Pressostat for low pressure protection of the coolant;
  • You can connect an external thermostat and a remote control.
  • Low-informative built-in display.

As for the Baxi, the Eco Four’s price tag is very attractive. In addition, this is an excellent solution for placement in a small kitchen or studio apartment.

#3 Vaillant AtmoTEC Plus VU 240/5-5

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This boiler has all possible protection means: gas control, pressure switch with safety valve, pump air vent. Overheating of the carrier and the combustion chamber, freezing of the liquid in the system and in the chimney are completely excluded here. The built-in self-diagnostics helps to monitor the correct operation of all systems.

AtmoTEC is adapted for operation in the USA: it takes into account the poor quality of the main gas and can run on LNG. The control of the programmer is fully automated, and the panel itself is closed with a neat decorative cover.

  • Volumetric expansion tank 10 l;
  • Low gas consumption – 2.8 m³ / h (or 1.9 m³ / h when connected to a cylinder);
  • Almost eternal chrome-nickel burner;
  • Possibility of combining with other heaters;
  • The minimum side clearance for mounting is 1 cm.
  • Classic (atmospheric) chimney.

The dimensions of the boiler are 800x440x338 mm and the maximum power of 36 kW is more suitable for a private house than for a city apartment. Although in a spacious kitchen there will be no problems with its placement.

Best Floor Standing Gas Boilers

Consider single-circuit units of large and medium dimensions, which have no functional limitations. They are installed on the floor and most often require a separate installation room.

#4 Bosch GAZ 2500 F

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This is the first floor-standing gas boiler developed by Russian engineers at Bosch – especially for operation by our compatriots. The unit is capable of operating with unstable voltage in the network and low gas pressure. At the stands, GAZ 2500 proved that it can function without serious breakdowns for 20 years. Thanks in part to a 3 mm steel heat exchanger.

The series includes 4 models from 22 to 42 kW. But despite the domestic assembly, they cannot be called cheap. But these boilers can be connected to an external indirect heating boiler (optional). And the capabilities of built-in automation explain the rather big cost.

  • Large capacity heat exchanger;
  • Flexible power change within 60-100%;
  • Fully automated control;
  • Preset modes that do not require configuration;
  • The presence of a remote control;
  • Temperature change according to the schedule;
  • Possibility to reconfigure the boiler for bottled gas.
  • High price.

The Bosch GAZ really has no problem adapting to our operating conditions. All critical elements are made specifically for Russia, have a good margin of safety and reliability.

#5 Protherm 40 KLOM

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A reliable and efficient boiler with a cast iron heat exchanger is an excellent solution for a private house, without restrictions on the size of the boiler room. Thermal power of this model is 35 kW at a maximum gas consumption of 4.1 m3 / h. A cast-iron heat exchanger is installed inside – almost eternal if used correctly.

All imported electronic filling, protection and control automatics are already included in the kit. Work data is displayed on the LCD display, where you can track both the temperature of the media and the pressure in the system.

  • The service life of the heat exchanger is 25 years;
  • Complete set of automation included;
  • Ease of maintenance;
  • Possibility to connect to LNG cylinders;
  • Relatively small dimensions.
  • Thin metal of the outer lining of the case (does not affect the quality of work).

If aesthetics and appearance are not a priority for you, “Bear” is perfect. The reliability of the boiler is at a height, the equipment is the same as that of the top models, and the price is the most affordable among the imported counterparts.

Best Inexpensive Gas Boilers

Low price does not always mean low quality. If the manufacturer saves on minor details that do not affect the operation of the boiler, such a purchase will be justified.

#6 Lemax Premium-30

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A 30 kW unit is suitable for economical homeowners to heat an area of ​​no more than 250 m2. The set of functions is minimal, but all the necessary security tools are there. The manufacturer abandoned the complex electronic filling, so the boiler is completely non-volatile – just connect it to the gas supply, and everything will work.

The floor-standing model itself is made soundly, the heat exchanger is steel inside. And with an efficiency of 90%, Lemax consumes the minimum amount of blue fuel – no more than 1.75 m3 / h.

  • Good build quality
  • Gas control;
  • There is overheating protection;
  • Very economical;
  • Heating the coolant up to +90 ° С.
  • Manual control.

To maintain the required temperature in the system connected to Lemax, constant monitoring is required. Otherwise, there will be no problems with it, and the non-volatile boiler will save a lot of money.

#7 Mora-Top Meteor Plus PK18ST

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The Czech company Mora is known for its high-quality gas stoves. But the heating boilers of this brand are no worse. For example, a wall-mounted single-circuit Meteor Plus with a heat output of up to 19 kW, a built-in expander and a circulation pump. It works flawlessly, consumes no more than 2.16 m3 / h of gas, has the entire minimum set of protective functions and, at the same time, is much cheaper than branded counterparts.

  • Burner with automatic modulation;
  • Low fuel consumption;
  • Possibility of external control;
  • Quiet work;
  • There is protection against overheating and freezing;
  • Calmly tolerates gas pressure drops.
  • Not the highest efficiency (90%).

To install the Mora, you need a little more space than for compact Italian or German models, and in terms of design, this boiler loses to them. But Meteor fully fulfills its cost and is extremely simple to maintain.

Best Double-Circuit Gas Boilers

Double-circuit boilers simultaneously heat water both for the heating system and for hot water supply. In this section, we will look at the best units without a built-in boiler.

#8 Haier Aquila

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The series of wall-mounted double-circuits includes 4 models of boilers with a capacity of 14, 18, 24 and 28 kW. This is enough for heating areas of 100-200 squares. The burner and heat exchanger are made of stainless steel and are not afraid of corrosion. The tube of the second circuit is copper, so that the running water has time to heat up.

Control in all Haier models is electronic: an LCD display is placed on the body, which simplifies communication with the boiler automation. It is possible to connect a remote room regulator – with it, the unit will be able to automatically adjust the burner power to maintain the set temperature. The manufacturer did not forget about the full range of protections: from overheating, freezing, extinguished flame, reverse draft.

  • Small dimensions 750x403x320 mm;
  • Daily and weekly operating mode programmer;
  • Work with an external temperature sensor;
  • Possibility of switching to liquefied gas;
  • Built-in pump with electronic control and dry run protection;
  • The room sensor is already included;
  • Heating the coolant up to +90 ° С.
  • not detected.

Well-made and attractive in appearance, the boiler will perfectly fit into a city apartment. With it it will become not only warm, but it will also be possible to solve the problem of hot water.

#9 Baxi LUNA-3 Comfort 310 Fi

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The main highlight of this model is the removable control panel, made in a separate case. You can leave it on the boiler, or fix it in any convenient place. The socket has one more secret – a built-in temperature sensor. Thanks to him, the boiler can automatically regulate the burner power within the range of 10-31 kW, focusing on the set parameters. You can also adjust the water temperature in the second circuit – from 35 to 65 degrees.

  • Convenient control from the external panel;
  • Rapid heating of the heating system (relevant for the northern regions);
  • Automatic restart in case of network outages;
  • The built-in pump pumps the coolant up to 3 floors;
  • A good indicator of efficiency is 93%.
  • There is no hot water circulation in the second circuit.

Baxi LUNA-3 is a premium class in everything: from the appearance of the boiler to its equipment and safety level.

Best Models with a Built-in Boiler

In fact, these boilers are a 2-in-1 system. The circuit with an expansion tank works to heat the room, and the storage boiler stores hot water for household needs. All this is placed in one building, which is why such boilers are very bulky.

#10 Baxi Slim 2.300 i

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A powerful floor-standing boiler, stuffed with automation responsible for the energy efficiency and safety of gas equipment. The 30 liter boiler heats up quickly and holds the temperature for a long time, saving fuel. There are also two pumps in the body: one for the heating system, the second for hot water supply.

The total heat output of Baxi Slim is 30 kW. Depending on the features of the connected system, it can heat the coolant up to +30 .. + 45 or +85 degrees (for a heated floor, the temperature is maintained at the lower limit).

  • Cast iron heat exchanger in the heating circuit;
  • Freeze protection of pipe and carrier;
  • Possibility of connecting room and weather automation;
  • Availability of safety valves on both branches;
  • Flame control;
  • Work when the fuel pressure drops to 5 mbar.
  • High price.

Baxi Slim is a fully automated mini-boiler room and boiler room for a country house. True, to take advantage of all its capabilities, you will have to separately purchase and connect the necessary sensors.

#11 Beretta Boiler 28 BSI

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It is generally difficult to imagine a wall-mounted model with a storage device, but this unit is just such a 2-in-1 boiler. In addition to a closed-type chamber with access to a coaxial chimney, inside the Beretta body there is also a 60-liter storage boiler, which quickly heats up the second circuit of the heat exchanger.

28 BSI is equipped with a weather-compensated automatic system, its own circulation pump, and a 10-liter expansion tank. In the heating system, it can maintain the temperature in the range of +40 .. + 80 ° С, in the hot water supply up to +63 degrees.

  • Excellent build quality
  • A closed chamber does not burn out oxygen;
  • Intelligent control;
  • Presence of preset operating modes;
  • Possibility to connect to LNG;
  • A full set of protections, including for work in northern latitudes.
  • A rare, scarce commodity.

Even those who do not understand the operation of boiler equipment will be able to operate the Beretta Boiler. All preinstalled programs are already there, and the owners will not have to interfere with the settings.

Best Condensing Gas Boilers

These boilers are considered the most economical, since they are able to use the energy not only from the combustion of gas, but also from condensing steam. As a result, their efficiency is almost very close to the cherished 100%.

#12 Vaillant ecoTEC plus VUW

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Stuffed with intelligent electronics and eBus-commutations, the unit works not only for efficient heating, but also for the preparation of hot water, that is, it also belongs to double-circuit systems. The condensing system is more environmentally friendly than the traditional one, moreover, it provides a very high efficiency of 98%.

A modulating burner with wide power regulation options (from 28 to 100 percent) is installed in the combustion chamber. With such efficiency and equipment, the dimensions of the boiler are quite acceptable: 720x440x372 mm. The ecoTEC line itself consists of three models with a maximum power of 24, 30 and 34 kW.

  • Digital control and diagnostics system;
  • The most informative panel;
  • The ability to control from a mobile and connect to a “smart home”;
  • The burner can receive air both indoors and outdoors;
  • Short-term power increase for fast water heating;
  • Condensate drainage to the outside.
  • Difficulty in repair;
  • High price.

EcoTEC Plus boilers are still frightened off by their high cost. But the hassle with them is minimal, and the fuel economy will pay off the investment over time.

#13 Viessmann Vitodens 100-W

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An expensive boiler, capable of operating at a power of 4.7-35 kW, saves not only blue fuel, but also electricity – due to the controlled operation of the fan. This model also has other highlights. This is a MatriX cylindrical burner consisting of a multitude of micro-nozzles, which practically does not allow any heat loss. An annular stainless steel heat exchanger works no less efficiently.

  • Compact body 400x400x350 mm;
  • Two ways to prepare hot water;
  • Maximum economy and energy efficiency;
  • High efficiency (98%);
  • Intelligent automation;
  • Remote control – from a touch panel or smartphone;
  • Possibility to work on LNG and biogas;
  • Easy access for repair and maintenance.
  • Price.

If your home is equipped with a smart home system, the equally smart Viessmann Vitodens will be the best solution for creating a heating and hot water system.

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